Monday, February 28, 2011

inspiration monday

there are many times when i'm really inspired to create something, but i have no idea what that "something" is.  so, i've been on a scavenger hunt this past search of my muse.  and as it usually does, inspiration snuck up on me as i was rummaging through my closet and found my little collection of old postage stamps.  once i saw these butterflies, that flickering lightbulb over my head was suddenly shining bright!!

so, here's my sketchbook interpretation of that orange-tip beauty.
thank you, inspiration.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

i heart my waterbrush

today's journal page is brought to you by one of my all-time favorite tools......the niji waterbrush!  i love this thing!   i use it when i'm working with watercolor, watercolor pencils, sketch & wash pencils, and any other time i need a little spritz of H2O.  i've had mine for several years, and the brush tip is still holding its shape beautifully.  it's great for travel,  or if you just want to set up creative camp in front of a movie some time!  

you can read more about the niji waterbrush here.
this journal page was created while experimenting with different tools and shading techniques as part of a lesson in alisa burke's sketchbook delight class.  supplies used:  micron pen, pencil, pilot G-tec pen, sketch & wash pencil, niji waterbrush

Monday, February 21, 2011

inspiration monday

"there's nothing quite so comforting & heartwarming than to see the porch light on after a long journey......i am home."  

here's to that warm light of inspiration that burns brightly in your heart, and continues to illuminate your path of creativity!
shine on, sweet artist!!  xo

journal page created using watercolor pencil, micron pen, 3B pencil, pan pastel
click on image for larger view

Friday, February 18, 2011

florida palm

we have several palm trees in our yard.  i like to call them "florida palms", although i'm sure that's not their scientific name.  

they're spikey, and spiney, and have tons of texture with all of that moss tucked in and around everywhere.

i tried to climb one when i was a only have to do that once to know it's not a good idea.  so as a bigger kid now, i'll just admire from a distance and try to sketch them...... :))

sketch pages created using koi watercolor, micron pen, pencil, and pan pastel.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sketchbook delight

when i saw that alisa burke was offering a new online class called sketchbook delight, i signed up.....real-quick-super-fast-why-is-paypal-moving-so-slowly-kind-of-signing-up!  it's not so much a class filled with particular mixed media techniques, it's more a class filled with examples and permissions for honing a particular skill......drawing.  


alisa is teaching us how to look at things around us with an artist's eye.......looking at things in our world, things that inspire us.  for example, i have always loved this wire basket with that chunky wood handle.....

so i interpreted part of it in my new sketch journal.  it doesn't look anything like the basket (actually, i can't figure out what it really looks like!).....but it sure was fun taking a simple object and creating something simple with it, using really simple supplies:
pencil, watercolor, micron pens, and a bit of imagination!

you can read more about alisa's class here!

Monday, February 14, 2011

inspiration monday

here's an easy way to grow your own journal garden!  first, grab all of your favorite paper punches (you can also cut shapes by hand)......

and some of your favorite papers.

punch out a circle, and stamp or write a word in the center.
(i distressed the edges of my circles with a stamp pad)

use adhesive to attach some "petals" to the back of your word circle 
(i used a tape runner, but glue will work too).....

 then add some fun little doodles and a paper stem, and you've got a flower!

add some more flowers to the mix (you can never have too many of these little cuties!), attach them to a colorful journal background.....

and you've got yourself a happy little inspiration garden!!
have fun, valentine sweeties!

click on images for larger view
supplies used:  rubber stamps, staz-on ink pad, assorted papers, assorted paper punches, green marker, micron pens,  uniball signo white pen, pan pastel for background

Friday, February 11, 2011

just you

1. be you
2. just you
3.  and nobody but you

{4. and have tons of fun while you're at it!!}

journal page finished using "be you" stamp, micron pens, water soluble marker, pan pastel, 3B pencil

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i love 'em all

i always have a hard time choosing which one of my favorite supplies to use when i'm working in my journal.......
so here's a page using them all!!  woo hoo!!
(i also snuck in some yellow pan pastel around the edges.....)

Monday, February 7, 2011

inspiration monday

sometimes all it takes is a song on the radio......
and before you know it you're a young girl again, wearing your favorite sundress and new sandals, freshly painted pink toenails, sitting in the back seat of the car with your brothers, long hair blowing all over the place because the windows are down, on your way to the A&W for a root beer float, and the entire family is singing this song at the top of their lungs.
inspiration is timeless.

journal page finished using micron pen, brown brush marker, 
3B pencil,  and pan pastels

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

faith and fancy

i recently found this little beauty in one of my favorite art stores.
{it's official. my growing collection of these cards reveals that i'm totally addicted to these fantastic designs!}

artwork by the fabulous leigh standley of curly girl design!
click on image to view all the scrumptious details!

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