Tuesday, June 23, 2015

chair party

little tiny chairs (some no bigger than a quarter)
all together on one page so they can
mix and mingle and get to know each other a little better.

let the party begin!

{supplies:  stillman & birn beta series journal, watercolor, .3 pencil}

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

joy multiplied

you know that feeling you get when you've 
finally found some time to yourself to sit and be creative…..

and things start to "click", 
and then you do a big happy dance to celebrate 
the joy you feel at that very moment of being an artist?

and then one day your joyful artist-self is blessed  
to create something really special 
for two really special people in your life…..
{like, maybe the rehearsal dinner invitation for 
your son and his sweetheart….oh.my.goodness!}

and you feel that joy-boost clicking so big 
you think your heart just might burst!
{so you take that energy and joyfully create a menu card for the dinner, too!}

this is the epitome of joy multiplied!

it is with very joyful hearts that
my little dutch sweetie and i are proud to announce 
our son Spencer, has married Tatiana, the love of his life,
and we're absolutely over-the-moon-elated!

spencie and tati…..
poppie and i wish you more happiness than your heart can hold,
and continued blessings upon you in the many years ahead!
we love you!!  

Monday, June 8, 2015

have a seat….and a video

for me, part of the fun in creating my chair collection was 
the challenge of how to find a proper "home" for it.
 i usually like to create a little book for my artwork,
but since each one of my chairs was illustrated on loose sheets of paper,
that made the book option difficult.

 and then i started thinking about the actual chairs in my illustrations,
and took inspiration that chairs are most comfortable arranged in a cozy room…. 

and when you open the doors to the room…. 

each chair is there, inviting you to have a seat!
so, instead of making a book, 
i created this simple box structure for my chairs to live in.


here's a little video peek of my illustrated
chair chamber!

you can watch this video in larger format here!

{you can read more information about each chair in this series
and the inspiration behind it here}

{to create these illustrations, i've cut 140lb CP watercolor paper to 6" x 6", 
and i've used watercolor, a little colored pencil, and graphite pencils.
the cover was created using a sheet of canson mi-teintes paper.}

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

have a seat, part three

after illustrating lots of these little chairs,
i'm learning a lot by adding different styles to my "collection"!

some are easier than others, 
and some look a little wonky, no matter how long you work on them 
(i may have worked on this one a little too long….)

so when i've had too much of a brown bar stool,
there's nothing like a sweet little garden chair 
with a little blue birdie to lighten things up a bit.

and then it's on to the ultimate challenge….the papasan,
which i've also dubbed as "the neptune chair"….
because i'll have to practice this one many, many times to be able
to draw that cushion so it doesn't look like a giant seashell!  :))
oh well, as they say….
chair-practice makes chair-perfect,
and keeping the process fun makes a lot of chair-happy!!

i'll be sharing a video soon showing all ten chairs together...
 you can also see other chairs in this series here and here!

{these chairs were inspired by one of the lessons taught by
to create these illustrations, i've cut 140lb CP watercolor paper to 6" x 6", 
and i've used watercolor, a little colored pencil, and graphite pencils}

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