Thursday, March 29, 2012

nib party

when it comes right down to it,  i guess that calligraphy nib holders
really aren't that exciting..... 

even though they all have a special purpose and claim to fame.

but when you pick and choose and pair them up with your favorite nib, 
the party really gets started.....and i'm talking
a table filled with a wild assortment of belgian chocolates
and big bowls of potato chips kind of party!  :))

{this page was created in my elvie catalog using pitt artist pens, koi watercolor,
derwent watercolor pencils, waterbrush, 4B graphite pencil}
you can read more about the "calligraphy nibs" page here!

Monday, March 26, 2012

inspiration monday

sometimes when you're crunched for inspiration, 
just think about your favorite shape..... 

and ask yourself
"i wonder how many journal pages i can fill using this shape?"

there are lots of fun shapey things in our everyday lives that
you can add to your journal.....

and don't forget to look to
your imagination for good ideas, too!

and when you've found lots of fun things inside the house,
let inspiration lead you out into the garden.....

(but watch your step,
because you never know what's lurking out there!)

 when you've filled your journal pages with lots of shapey goodness,
i'll bet you'll have an inspiration lightbulb over your head......
and you'll be so full of great ideas, you won't know which one to start first!

{this circle-safari was created in my strathmore visual journal for mixed media using micron pens, koi watercolors, derwent watercolor pencils,  water brush, 4B graphite pencil}

Thursday, March 22, 2012

hello spring

"when the groundhog casts his shadow
and the small birds sing
and the pussywillows happen
and the sun shines warm
and when the peepers peep
then it is spring"
margaret wise brown

{hope you have a beautiful springtime weekend!  :))}

Monday, March 19, 2012

inspiration monday

sometimes i go through rough patches when i'm so uninspired that i wonder if 
inspiration will ever come to see me again.  and even though i try not to worry about it......

it's hard when i find myself constantly staring at a blank page 
with no creative spark in sight.  i've heard that one answer is to keep
plugging away by putting something......anything......down on paper......

but i've also discovered that it never hurts to have a "plan B".

i've found that raiding my chocolate stash works wonders.
 inspiration loves chocolate, you know.

{supplies:  walls notebook by sherwood forlee, pitt pens, 
derwent inktense pencils, waterbrush, 4B graphite pencil, 
white sharpie fine poster paint pen}

Thursday, March 15, 2012

the mighty micron

here's to the power of the little micron dot......
and to the patience of putting 3.2 million of them together in one place!

happy weekend to you, bloggy sweeties!!

{you can watch this fabulous video by miguel endara
 in larger format here!}

Monday, March 12, 2012

inspiration monday

sometimes inspiration is as close as your favorite tools!

{these pages were created in my elvie catalog using micron pens,
pitt pens, koi watercolor, derwent watercolor pencils, 2B and 4B pencils}

Thursday, March 8, 2012

stacked stones

if you happen to find yourself in the mountains (and maybe hiking up grandfather mountain in north carolina), you may come upon a little stream that's surrounded by really large rocks......and on those rocks you might see some sweet little towers of stacked stones that were left by previous hikers.

and then you can draw a little sketch of them in your favorite journal to help you remember all the fun you had that day (and how you somehow managed to get your choco-hips up that mountain, even though you were huffing and puffing the entire way.....).

{supplies:  koi watercolors,  waterbrush, pitt pens, 3B graphite pencil}

Monday, March 5, 2012

inspiration monday

here's an easy way to create a fun little storage container for your studio,
using just a few supplies!

choose a mini tote bag in your favorite color and rinse it out to remove the starches and sizing.  then iron out the wrinkles.

draw a little sketch of your design using a pencil.
(you could use stencils, too!)

now all you have to do is color everything using fabric crayons 
(i've used pentel fabric pastel dye sticks......they are very creamy and easy to use!).  

{note: since i used a canvas material, i got a more textured result.  if you'd like a more solid colored image, try using a cotton muslin or other smooth fabric surface.}  

to set your image, place a piece of paper over your design and run a warm iron over it......
some of the wax from the crayon will transfer to the paper.

just to tidy things up a bit, you can add some lines, details, and lettering if you like, 
using a fabric marker.

you can also add some dots or other fun stuff using some
dimensional fabric paint!

and when you're done, you have a sweet little personalized storage container
to hold some of your favorite art supplies!

{supplies:  pentel fabric fun pastel dye sticks, mini canvas bags
compact iron, black fabric pen, pencil, pitt pen, scribbles fabric paint}

p.s.  alisa burke has put together a free "finding your muse" online class!!
check it out here!  it's really fabulous!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

oh, mr. darcy

the weekend is almost here!
it's time to grab your favorite art journal......

and maybe some supplies that you haven't used in an awfully long time....

and create something that celebrates your inner-romantic......

along with one of your all-time favorite quotes.

and before you know it, you've got something that's maybe a little unexpected
and a whole lot of a jane-austen-mooshy-gooshy kind of way!

{this artwork was created in my walls notebook using pitt pens, 3B graphite pencil,
dr. martin's bleedproof white,  E-10 falcon nib,  white sharpie poster paint pen,

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