Friday, August 18, 2017

inspiration rediscovered

i've recently discovered that
just when you think inspiration is your new BFF
and you're thrilled because it wants to hang out with you day and night,
it will turn around and go on vacation.....

a really loooong, extended vacation.

so long, in fact, that you start to worry a bit
and wonder if it's ever going to come back.

so while i was waiting.....and waiting.....for inspiration to return,
i decided to take my mind off of my long-lost friend
by diving into some of the stitchy-goodness
that i truly loved doing as a young kid.

and then i wondered what would happen if i mixed in 
some of the journal-goodness i love to do as an "older kid".

and as you can probably guess, by the time i was finished
with all of this kid-goodness i realized that
inspiration had slipped in through the back door 
and finally came home to my heart.

now it's time to follow it.
(you probably knew i was going to say that.... :))

{thank you, inspiration!}

watercolor and batting for heart, 11/0 glass seed beads, 
colored pencil, embroidery hoop, needles, scissors}

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