Monday, June 18, 2012

inspiration monday

i think that seeing a blank page in a journal can be pretty intimidating......
after all, there's all that blankness to fill,
and so many different ways to fill it!

but with a little help from a favorite childhood storybook friend......

and a cheshire cat that you may encounter along the way......

the answer to our "where do i begin?" question becomes fairly simple.

because it really doesn't matter where you begin,
it just matters that you begin!

and inspiration will guide you every step of the way!
(enlarge and follow the arrows to read the full text!)

{i'll be away from blogland for a while to do a little travel, 
spend time with my family, and get some good-ol'-fashioned summertime rest.
i hope you have a fabulously creative summer!  xox}

{this was created in my walls notebook using pitt pens,  pan pastels,
derwent inktense pencils,  6B graphite pencil,  and spectrafix}

Thursday, June 14, 2012

timeless details

{stonework detail at biltmore house} 

one of my new favorite places to visit is the biltmore estate, located in asheville, north carolina!  the grounds and landscaping are breathtaking, the house is stunningly beautiful, and the history behind this extraordinary property almost reads like a fairy tale.  it took an army of laborers and craftsmen back in the late 1800's to complete the construction of what is now known as "America's largest home",  and with all it's grandeur, i found such beauty in the details of the immense stonework that adorns the outside of the house.  as an artist, i can only imagine the sense of pride those stone masons must have felt as each project was complete.......and as artists (and over 100 years later), i think we all continue to have this same sense of delight in common with each other, no matter what our finished project is!

happy weekend to you!

{this artwork was created in my mini strathmore journal for mixed media using
pitt pens, black tombow marker, waterbrush, 4B graphite pencil}

Monday, June 11, 2012

inspiration monday

sometimes when you're feeling a little blue,

shut the world out and let inspiration take over.

(and don't forget to add a big dose of pure silliness!  :))

{this was created in my walls notebook using a white charcoal pencil,
derwent watercolor pencils,  dr. martin's bleedproof,  E10 falcon nib,
6B graphite pencil, spectrafix spray}

* i've received many questions about whether i use a spray to fix the charcoal and pan pastel artwork in my journals.  a while back, my bloggy friend donna over at just-a-lucky-dog told me about a product called's casein based and doesn't smell obnoxious like most other sprays out on the market and i really like using it!  you can read more about it here!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

time and practice

i have dreams of being able to do something like this......
but i think i'll need to carve out lots of time for
 lots and lots and lots of practice!  wow!

i hope you have fun things planned this weekend!  enjoy!
{click here to see the printed stamp!}

Monday, June 4, 2012

inspiration monday

i've discovered that inspiration loves a good party.....
especially when all your favorite art supplies are on the guest list.

because once "everyone" gets together......

and starts to mix and mingle.......

fun things start to happen.

and before you know it,  inspiration is single-handedly
responsible for an all-out artfest!  woo hoo!

{this was created in my elvie journal using pan pastels,
pitt pens, 4B graphite pencil, uniball signo white gel pen}

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