Thursday, May 31, 2012

four ways to a good day





{created in my walls notebook using pitt pens,  4B graphite pencil,
derwent inktense pencils, waterbrush, white charcoal pencil}

Monday, May 28, 2012

inspiration monday - Happy Memorial Day!

on this Memorial Day, 
we're remembering the fallen heroes who
have fought and sacrificed 
for our many freedoms and liberties.....
and with grateful hearts, we pray
for the safety of all those who
so bravely continue to do so. 

{journal page created in my strathmore visual journal for mixed media,
derwent inktense pencils, pitt pens, 4B graphite pencil}

Thursday, May 24, 2012

world of change

happy weekend to you!

{walls notebook, pitt pens, 4B graphite pencil, derwent inktense pencils,
dr. martin's bleedproof white,  calligraphy nib, white chalk pencil}

Monday, May 21, 2012

inspiration monday

for those days when you want to do something a little different in your journal,
all you need to do is pull out some of those photos that you've taken recently!
choose your favorite photo and trace the image onto tracing paper......

then transfer your drawing to a carving block, and
carve away your pencil lines.

after you've finished carving,  apply your favorite ink and
stamp your image onto your journal page......

and once you've added some finishing touches,  you've got a
colorful journal page that was inspired by your very own photo collection!

{for more information on stamp carving, you can watch my video here!}

{supplies: strathmore visual journal for mixed media, sunflower photograph,
 hand-carved stamp (made with speedy carve and a speedball cutting tool),
stampabilities and colorbox pigment stamp inks, pitt pens, 4B graphite pencil}

Thursday, May 17, 2012

happy places

i hope you find yourself in one of your favorite creative spaces this
weekend.......doing all the things you truly love!

{supplies:  strathmore visual journal for mixed media, hand-carved stamp,
pitt pens, derwent watercolor pencils, koi watercolors, uniball signo white gel pen}

Monday, May 14, 2012

inspiration monday

i was roaming the aisles of my favorite craft store this past weekend, and i came across
this punch that creates really cute paper flowers.  i was really inspired by this idea, so here's another way to create a paper flower using supplies that you probably already have.  to make a flower, all you need is some paper, a paper punch, and strong adhesive.

for the base of your flower, cut two strips of paper about 1/4" wide and 12" long.  
punch out a nice little pile of shapes using your paper punch
(these will be the petals).

now apply some adhesive to your strip of paper.  you can use double-sided tape, glue, or some of the industrial strength red craft just want it to be strong!  now lay your paper shapes onto the paper strip, spacing them evenly across the strip.  if you're using a paper that has a pattern, lay it pattern- side-down onto the strip.

now lay the second strip of paper onto the top of the first (the adhesive on your first strip will help attach the second strip).  apply adhesive to the second strip and lay more shapes in between the shapes of your first strip.

once your strips of paper are completely filled with punched shapes, start to roll your paper strip into a coil (you can wrap the end around a pencil to get it started).   roll your strip with the adhesive side out......the adhesive will help the paper stick together as you're rolling.  

once you've completely rolled your strips, place a dot of glue at the end of the paper to keep it from unraveling.  now gently bend the tops of your petals outward to start forming a flower shape.

you can add a decorative brad to the middle of your paper flower......

and then attach your finished flower to a card, small canvas, or art quilt!
these are so much fun to make, you'll have your own little art garden in no time!

{supplies:  scrapbook paper, fiskars heart punch, tombow permanent adhesive tape, decorative brad, glue, pitt pens, 4B graphite pencil, derwent watercolor pencils, strathmore 90 lb. paper}

Thursday, May 10, 2012

mom's way

it really is true, you know.....
mom's way is always the best way!

i hope your mother's day weekend
is fabulously beautiful and just the way you like it,
sweet bloggy friend!

{this was done in my moleskine journal using pitt pens, 
derwent watercolor pencils, waterbrush, 6B graphite pencil}

Monday, May 7, 2012

inspiration monday

life has been taking me out of my studio lately.....

and sometimes i worry about falling out of the habit of being creative.

so i'm always thankful when i come across a little tidbit of
einstein-inspiration to help keep me balanced and moving!

{supplies:  walls notebook, pitt pens, 4B graphite pencil,
derwent inktense pencils, waterbrush, uniball signo white gel pen,
white charcoal pencil

Thursday, May 3, 2012


a little sneak peek into the whimsical world of sophie blackall.
her illustrations make me smile in a very big way,
and i'd gladly share my chocolate stash with her any time!

enjoy your weekend, sweet bloggy friends!  

{you can watch this video in larger format here!}

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