Wednesday, October 14, 2015

fuzzy wuzzy dad

this artwork was created with love in remembrance of 
my sweet Dad who recently passed away.

saying this little fuzzy-wuzzy rhyme with him as a young girl
is one of my favorite memories….
partly because of the rhyme, but mostly for the fun of
the tickle-fest that would always come at the end!

Dad was a loving, devoted husband of 57 years to my Mom,
the world's best father and grandfather,
a highly decorated Fighter Pilot in the Air Force,
an avid bass fisherman…

and one of the best art teachers i've ever had.

he taught me the art of whimsy,  the art of keepin' on,
the art of self-discipline,  the art of laughter,  the art of detail,
the art of silliness,  the art of improvisation,  the art of respect,
the art of always living up to your potential, and
 then taking it a step further,
the art of not sweating the small stuff, but
taking the time to see and enjoy the small stuff,
the art of being a friend when i needed a friend, and
 being a dad when i needed a dad,
and most importantly,
the art of always showing the special people in your life
how much you love them.

i'm missing you so much Dad,
and i'm celebrating the pure blessing of being your daughter.

Friday, October 2, 2015

his name was chip

i'm truly honored and super excited to be this week's Featured Artist
over at Documented Life Project 2015 
and i'd like to send out a big hug
and many thanks to the Art to the 5th gals for inviting me!!  woo hoo!

this week's DLP art challenge is to use deli paper on your journal page,
and the prompt is "you had me at hello"….

so, i took the challenge and prompt,
and threw in a bit of chocolate
(because you can never really have enough chocolate, right?)….
and this is my finished journal page,
featuring my zero-calorie chocolate chip cookie made from deli paper!


here's a video showing my entire process from start to finish!
i hope you have tons of fun using deli paper this week!!

thanks again to the gals at DLP!
you can read more about Documented Life Project here.

you can watch this video in larger format here!

Sofft tool, deli paper, micron pens, 6B pencil, watercolor, matte Mod Podge,
heart stamp, Staz On ink pad, washi tape, needle, embroidery floss,
tape runner}

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