Thursday, February 18, 2016

giddy inner-grid-girl

the book "Local Color" by Mimi Robinson was recently featured
on my "Amazon recommends" list,  and i must admit that
the cover spoke to my inner-grid-girl so loudly
 that i was pressing the "purchase" button before i knew it!
 but the cover is just a sampling of what's to come inside, because
sprinkled amongst the pages are beautiful watercolor blocks
that Mimi uses in her art journal to celebrate and document her travels.

 after swooning over every page,
 i was really inspired to get in on the watercolor-grid-fun and
  i decided to focus on the trip my family and i took to Brussels a year ago.
this photo of my favorite hot chocolate was taken when
we first arrived in Belgium….after a long plane ride,
it tasted fantastic!  :))
 to help break down the colors in the photo easier,
i created this color palette using the eye dropper in Photoshop Elements.

{Mimi prefers to work from nature and 
does not mention creating a computer palette as part of her process,
but i found it helpful to get started!}

once i had my computerized palette,  i decided to get busy in my
art journal.  i printed my photo and palette, and then i started mixing
watercolor and i tried to match the colors as closely as possible.
the nice thing about this process is "getting close" is good enough….
whatever looks right to your eye is perfect!

once i had my watercolor palette mixed,  i painted blocks.
my inner-grid-girl was absolutely giddy…..

especially when i finished it with some lettering!

and while painting the watercolor blocks is great fun,
i couldn't wait to give my new palette a test-run
by creating some micro-doodles…..

and when inspiration strikes again,  i've got lots of room left on the page
for more micro-doodles and grid-girl block painting!
but for now,  i think it may be time for a cup of hot chocolate….. xox

you can find more photo/color palettes here on my pinterest board!

{supplies:   strathmore visual journal for mixed media 9"x12",
sennelier watercolor,  .3 mechanical pencil,  Photoshop Elements}

for more information about "Local Color" and a peek inside, click here

Saturday, February 13, 2016

love birds

this little pair of love birds is wishing 
all of my sweet bloggy friends a
beautiful, chocolate-filled valentine's day….
and so am i !!  

{supplies:  fabriano artistico 140 HP paper, sennelier watercolor,
7B graphite pencil,  .3 mechanical pencil}

Monday, February 1, 2016

more winter comfort

while the winter temperatures continue to drop outside,
 me and my doodle pencil have been oh-so-happy inside 
channeling lots of goodies on my comfort list.   
for example, a personalized set of "elvie gloves" 
to keep my hands warm….

heading outside wearing
a pair of super cute boots, a beanie, and
 a polka-dot scarf….

wrapping up in a toasty blanket 
while enjoying a bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sammie….

wearing a pair of argyle socks and bunny slippers 
while swooning over the intoxicating aroma of 
chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven….

and always, always having a mug of hot chocolate nearby.
(actually, the cookies and hot chocolate goes for any time of the year…!)

it's winter and it's crazy cold outside,
but i'm super happy with so many things that truly warm my heart!

{note:  the only thing i would change about this artwork is the paper.  
this project began as a simple doodle on a piece of textwove paper 
that i randomly pulled out of my drawer.  as i continued to work along,
i really struggled against the softness of the paper and it didn't take
well to erasing at all.  next time i'll definitely grab my favorite
fabriano artistico 140 lb. hot press paper!}

{supplies:  this artwork was created using derwent watercolor and
 inktense pencils and a .3 mechanical pencil on arches textwove paper}

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