Thursday, August 29, 2013

pens and packages

i received another treasure box from sakura earlier this week,
and it was filled with more of their fabulous pens!
the permapaque pens are wonderful paint pens for crafty-crafters who like to work with wood, metal, glass, vellum....and you can use them on paper, too!
i had a lot of fun creating this journal page....these pens are that perfect marker i've been looking for because they give great coverage with no bleed-out!

{supplies to create this page:  permaqaque pens, pigma micron pens, koi watercolor,
koi coloring brush pens}

also included in the box was their calligrapher series of marker pens!
they come in three different sizes, and are ideal for the pencrafter who wants to fill their paper with fun script-style writing without getting out a formal dip pen and ink!  yay!!

many thanks to michaela at sakura for once again treating me to these wonderful products....and for giving me an excellent reason to add some more doodling to my sakura sampler!

{supplies to create this page:  calligrapher marker pens, pigma micron pens, koi watercolor, koi coloring brush pens}

and speaking of receiving goodie packages, the random integer has chosen
melissa over at sweet as texas honey and amie lessard as the recipients of the chickadee stamps!  woo hoo!!

thank you SO much to each one of you sweet-bloggy-birdies who participated.....
i really, really appreciate all your kind words about my little chickie stamps!

Monday, August 26, 2013

inspiration monday.....and a giveaway!

of all the artwork i've done,  my little chickadees are definitely on my list of favorites.....
and seeing them in the form of rubber stamps as part of the summer release over at Technique Tuesday has made me about as giddy-as-a-schoolgirl!!

they look really cute stamped in black and white.....

and they're really cute stamped with color, too!

for me, the only thing more fun than playing with these little stamps....

is having the opportunity to share them with sweet bloggy friends!!  woo hoo!
you are the absolute best-in-blogland, and i truly adore you for taking the time to stop by my little blog!  your heartfelt comments are so supportive and encouraging, and i am so grateful that our paths have crossed!  thank you!  xox


i have two chickadee stamp sets that i'd love to giveaway!
these little birdies are eager to inspire you, and they're looking for a creative home!
to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment here on this post 
(just one per person, please!) by 10:00 p.m. EST on wednesday,  august 28th. 
two names will be chosen using the random integer
and i'll announce them on thursday, august 29th. 
please make sure that your comment either links back to 

your blog, or you leave your e-mail so i can contact you if your name is chosen!
(this giveaway is open to all bloggy sweeties who are 18 years of age or older.)

for more information about the chickadee stamp set, click here!

{this chickadee card was created using white card stock, assorted scrapbook papers,
chickadee stamp set,  koi watercolor, pigment stamp pads, foam mounting tape, natural jute twine, needle} 

{edited:  the comments are now closed....thank you SO much for participating!}

Thursday, August 22, 2013

be enchanting

pursue your passions...reach for the stars.....dream big dreams.....
be truer than true to yourself.....follow your heart..... enchanting!

[have a great weekend.....giveaway on monday!  woo hoo!]

{created in my moleskine journal using micron pens, derwent inktense pencils,
uniball signo white gel pen, and a 4B graphite pencil}

Monday, August 19, 2013

inspiration monday

last week,  i received a huge smile in the mail.....a box full of art treats from michaela over at sakura!  she had offered to send some of the koi coloring brush pens, but when i opened the box, it was filled with all kinds of other sakura goodies to play with, too!

and play is exactly what i did!  i got out a long sheet of art paper, but after i started doodling with all the pens, i realized it wasn't going to be nearly big enough to do everything i wanted to do!

so i decided that a smaller version of my pamphlet journal would the perfect playground,
and i could have lots of doodle fun on each page with a different supply....

and here's what i ended up very own sakura sampler!

the booklet begins with the mighty micron on the front inside flap.....

and then continues with a page for each type of sakura pen!

what i really like is there's lots of room to make notes
every time i discover something new with these goodies.....

because i think they're downright stu-pen-dous!!

i rarely ever have such a large chunk of time to work on a project like this,
so when life handed it to me, i took it.
i think we need to do that every once in a while,
because the floor and the laundry can always wait until another day! :))

thank you SO much, michaela and sakura,  for your sweet generosity,
and for giving me such a great excuse to sit down and play!!

{this sakura sampler was created using fabriano artistico 140 lb. HP paper, 
koi watercolor, and the supplies illustrated on each page.}

Thursday, August 15, 2013

biltmore sunshine

there are rows and rows of sunflowers planted over a mile stretch
on the grounds at biltmore.....

and whether i get up close and personal....

or just stop to enjoy their golden splendor......

i can't think of anything more delightful, happy, and sunshiney
than the day my little dutch sweetie took me there.

and that's just the way i wanted to remember it in my journal!

{this biltmore memory was created in my moleskine journal using koi watercolor,
derwent inktense pencils, micron pens,  4B pencil}

Monday, August 12, 2013

inspiration monday

the other day i found myself staring blankly at a stark white journal page.   as i was struggling to overcome "blank page syndrome" i noticed some washi tapes sitting on my desk, and i discovered they were just the inspiration i was looking for!
here's what i decided to do.....

i chose three of my favorite washi tapes, 
and i divided my page into three blocks using a micron pen.

next, i laid down a piece of washi tape in one of the blocks.....

and then i drew a doodle similar to the design on the tape.

these curly-ques reminded me of waves on the ocean, so i painted a little sailboat.....
and now i can float away on the red sea! 

for my next block, i laid my washi tape in a different direction and
decided to draw something a bit abstract.

i love the contrast between the straight lines on the tape and the
wavy painted lines!

for my third block,  i laid my tape around the edges of the paper,  and 
then i decided to draw whatever was on my mind at the time.....
proving once again that choc-o-late really does go with everything!

this was tons of fun, and once you get started,
your imagination will take you to all sorts of places!
inspiration can disguise itself as all kinds of things.....
and it might even be as close as your favorite art supply!

{these journal blocks were created in my moleskine journal using assorted washi tapes,
derwent inktense pencils, micron pens, 4B graphite pencil}


speaking of blocks, i recently had the pleasure of crossing online paths with a very talented artist named kevin coffel,  and he works with wooden blocks!  kevin is a very talented woodworker who uses reclaimed materials, and not only has he created a wonderful way to help others tell their story, he has also taken it to the next level through a venture that begins with kickstarter.  i love his idea, and i totally admire his moxie and all the hard work involved in turning his dream into a reality.  you can learn more about kevin and his "modulosi" project here....and if you feel inspired to join him in the adventure, i know he would really appreciate your support!  :))

Thursday, August 8, 2013


when the fine art of working with other people isn't quite meeting your expectations,
sometimes the best way to Take-Care-of-Business is to creatively insist on
 a good dose of r-e-s-p-e-c-t.....aretha-style!   :))

{created in my moleskine journal using micron pens, derwent inktense pencils,
black permapaque marker, 6B graphite pencil}

Monday, August 5, 2013

inspiration monday

it doesn't matter where you are, or what time of day it is.....

when it comes to matters of creativity,

a little reminder every now and then is a terrific thing.

because inspiration is as close as your heart-of-hearts.....

and all you have to do is follow it!

{this was created in my walls notebook using derwent watercolor pencils,
uniball signo white gel pen, white sharpie poster pen, pan pastel, micron pens,
 white chalk pencil, 8B graphite pencil}

Thursday, August 1, 2013

there's no place like it

i really love being up in the mountains,
but there truly is no better feeling than coming home!

happy, creative weekend to you!!  xox

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