Wednesday, November 26, 2014

meet Gidget

sometimes when life gets a little too predictable…..

and things are going along a little too smoothly…..

life comes along and mixes things up for you a bit…..

in the absolute best sort of way!!

meet Gidget, our little mini-goldendoodle puppy!!!

she's a mix of golden retriever and miniature poodle,
and is absolute pure precious blessing!

and at 11 weeks old, she also has the energy of
a room full of two-year-old toddlers!!

so until she starts taking more naps (fingers crossed!),
and i can take my eyes off her for more than two seconds (toes crossed!),
art has become a little interrupted and a little sporadic these days!

in the meantime, life is very, very good,
and i am SO truly grateful for each and every one of you!!
my heart is swollen-the-size-of-texas over
your heartfelt notes these past couple of weeks!

thank you from every square-inch 
of my extremely grateful heart! 

many chocolate-covered hugs,


and to all my sweet American friends,
i'm sending many Thanksgiving blessings to you!!

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