Monday, January 30, 2012

inspiration monday

i think life is kind of like opening your favorite notebook to 
an interesting page......

and then realizing all the wonderful and fabulous
opportunities you have to fill it.

once you're inspired to take a chance 
(out of all those ba-zillion choices)......

everything just kind of falls into place!
(and the really great thing is when you're ready,
you can always turn the page and start another adventure!)

{pages completed in my walls notebook using micron pens, 4B pencil,  
white sharpie poster paint pen, white uniball signo pen, pan pastels,
prismacolor colored pencils}

Thursday, January 26, 2012

breakfast journal

a fabulous way to start the day.....
courtesy of danny gregory, artist-extraordinaire!

{you can watch this video in full screen here!}

Monday, January 23, 2012

inspiration monday

to continue on with this obsession that i seem to have with using markers to create "faux watercolors",  let's try it on some cone-shaped coffee filters this time!  all you need are some water-based markers (i'm using tombow markers), a mini mister, and coffee filters (different brands will probably give different results, which could be a lot of fun to experiment!).

first, draw a simple design using your marker.
you don't need to color in all the shapes.......

because once you spray it with water, the color will bleed out into the filter paper and fill in most of those blank areas.  now comes the hard part.......waiting for it to dry!  the longer you wait, the more watercolor effect you'll get.  (if you're impatient like me, you can also wait for a while, and then zap it with your heat gun to finish drying!)

and some of that juicy color will bleed onto the back of your coffee filter, too!

once your filter is dry, you can add some doodles if you like.
(i used a waterproof micron pen for this step)

and then you can use your new "watercolor" in your journals, for collage fodder,
or you can even create a nice little card!

have fun!

{supplies:  tombow markers, melitta cone-shaped coffee filters
mini mister, sakura micron pen, white card stock,  3B graphite pencil,
yellow waxed linen thread (to sew the filter onto the card)}

Thursday, January 19, 2012

building doors

i took a creative opportunity to have a bit more fun
in my walls notebook!

{supplies used:  "walls notebook" by sherwood forlee, micron pens,
4B graphite pencil, white uni posca marker, white uniball signo gel pen,
prismacolor colored pencil}

Monday, January 16, 2012

inspiration monday

i recently went on a little "retail safari" through, 
and discovered this fabulous walls notebook!! 

and just as the title promises, it's filled from cover to cover with
fabulous photos of blank walls.

at first, it might seem like a really odd subject for a notebook, 
but it makes the heart of the hidden-graffiti-artist
inside me beat a little bit faster just thinking of how i can decorate, doodle, and 
jot down important reminders on those blank walls.

because i think some things are important enough to 
shout-out-loud-and-stand-proud on the side of a big blank wall somewhere,
don't you?

and p.s. ......
you really ARE so much stronger and braver than you think!

{supplies:  "walls notebook" by sherwood forlee, micron pens, 
4B graphite pencil, white uni posca marker, white uniball signo gel pen, 
derwent watercolor pencils}

Thursday, January 12, 2012

simple things

sometimes i think journal pages are a lot like ice cream sundaes.
the simpler they are, the better.  
a little (or a lot) ice cream, and a lot (or a little) of chocolate sauce......

and when you realize that the journal page you've just created
coordinates beautifully with your glasses,
well, i'd say that's the cherry on top!!

i hope your weekend includes a perfectly
 coordinated ice cream sundae!!

{this journal page was created in my pocket watercolor moleskine using
pitt artist pens and a 3B graphite pencil.}

Monday, January 9, 2012

inspiration monday

hello blog buddies......and happy new year to you!!
after a long holiday break, i've been trying to get back into the creative swing of things, 
so i decided to open my favorite little moleskine journal and just play.  
here's a simple way to create a "painted background" without having to get your paintbrush out......all you need is your journal, your favorite water-soluble markers (i use tombow brush pens), an acrylic block, and a mini mister.

first, brush your marker across the acrylic block several times 
until you have a good amount of ink on the block.

using your mini mister,  spray the ink using a very light touch.....
you just want to add enough water to make the ink "spreadable".

now "stamp" your paper with the acrylic block, and swipe the ink across the page.
for a multi-painted look, add as many colors and layers as you like!

and now that we have a background, let's take this page one step further!
paint a large square of slightly diluted gesso onto the page......

and write a fun message using your favorite pen (i used a pitt pen).

then add some shading, lines, doodle dots,
and all your other favorite little touches!

here's to 2012:  a big, beautiful, blank, new canvas!!

{supplies used:  moleskine journal, tombow brush markers, mini mister,
acrylic block, gesso, 3B pencil,  faber-castell pitt pens}

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