Monday, December 17, 2012

inspiration monday

have you discovered creativebug?  it's a fabulous site that hosts a variety of fabulous workshops....and when i saw this free workshop taught by kelly wilkinson,  i was instantly inspired to add my own Christmas touches and a few variations!  here's how, using some tracing paper, Christmas themed rubber stamps, a large acrylic stamp block, staz-on ink, waxed paper, and washi tape.... 

first, arrange your stamps in a shape that can be easily stamped many times
 to create one large repeated image, and then place them onto your acrylic block.

decorate a piece of square tracing paper (mine measures 9"x9")
 by stamping the images in an alternating pattern using staz-on ink,
or another permanent ink that won't smear on the tracing paper.
(you may want to place a piece of scrap paper under the edge
of your tracing paper to protect your surface.)

cut your tracing paper in four equal pieces
(my four stamped pieces measure 4.5"x4.5")

now stack your four papers on top of each other and secure them by placing 
a few pieces of low-tac tape around the edges to keep them from shifting.
cut a template from scratch paper and place on top of your
decorated papers and trace around the edges.

now carefully cut out your shape using an exacto knife.
(you can cut all four papers at the same time since the tracing paper is so thin)

cut 8 pieces of waxed paper that measure 1/2" larger than your
stamped tracing papers (my waxed papers measure 5"x5").
center one piece of stamped tracing paper between two pieces of
waxed paper,  matching the edges and corners. 
do this for all four pieces of your stamped tracing paper.

now quickly run a hot iron over the entire area of your waxed paper.
the heat will melt the wax, enabling the layers to stick together.

lay your squares next to each other and join them together with a piece of
washi tape.  fold the tape ends to the inside, and place another piece of tape
on the inside to cover the seam.

fold at the seam and burnish using a bone folder.

do this for all four pieces until you have a square.....
place a battery-operated candle inside and enjoy!

and here's another variation!  use crayons to draw an image onto the tracing paper.  
then place between two sheets of waxed paper, iron, and add washi tape to the 
edges.  the wax of the crayon will melt when you apply heat from the iron, giving
it a bit of a watercolor effect.  
this would be a great project for the kids!
(for safety, they can do the coloring, you can do the ironing!)

these sweet little lanterns are quick and easy to make.....
have fun creating them and coming up with even more variations!

{for more details and instructions on how to create these lanterns using dried flowers,
click here to watch the free video by kelly wilkinson over at creativebug!}


teri said...

I always learn something new at your site, Lori. What a fun tutorial - and a new website to love. Thank you.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Now that is inspiration! Set me thinking - Thank You! Chrisx

Emma said...

Those lanterns are so pretty <3

Thanks for the link to creativebug

Createology said...

Always the best inspiration and tutorials my friend. These luminaries are beautiful. Now I am off to check out creativebug.
Holiday Blessings...

Isabel said...

Dear Lori! I always find beautiful and original thoughts in your blog. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

They look what you have done with a few pieces of paper and some ingenuity.

Unknown said...

This is cool thanks for sharing the how to

wv said...

wow what a great idea!!


Introverted Art said...

wow thank you so much sharing the website :)

Dymphie said...

such a cute idea! You're lantern looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing the 'how-to'

Lynette (NZ) said...

You have the loveliest ideas. Merry merry

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! SO cute! :D

ellie said...

how cute! thanks for the idea and the website share! happy merry making!

Margaret said...


May I take the opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year

Hugs, Margaret xx

Kelly Warren said...

well now isn't that clever! Thanks so much for sharing and for your never ending inspiration!

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