Monday, October 21, 2013

inspiration monday

halloween is right around the corner, and i've been dreaming about my favorite part.....the chocolate  candy!  but the mere mention of it makes my jeans a little tighter, so here's a hip friendly "sugar" project using a mini white pumpkin, glue, strong double-sided tape, rubber stamps, card stock, and some extra fine glitter.

first, put a line of glue in the creases of the pumpkin and shake a generous amount of extra fine white glitter until the glue is completely covered. (you can also use glitter glue, but getting glitter everywhere is half the fun!)

make sure this is done over a piece of paper so the excess glitter can be placed back in the container and used again.

while the glue/glitter is drying on the pumpkin, stamp a fun image onto cardstock.

now place double-sided tape onto the stamped image.
(i used wonder tape, but it wasn't wide enough, so i placed two pieces next to each other)

cut out the image.
(using non-stick scissors makes this a lot easier!)

remove the protective covering from the tape, and sprinkle the white glitter over the image until the entire surface is covered.  shake off the excess.

now the image looks sugar-coated!  use a small punch to make a hole at the top, and place some twine through the opening.

now tie your sugar-tag onto your glitter pumpkin,
and you have a subtle, but very hip-friendly-and-sparkly-sweet decoration for halloween!

{supplies:  mini white pumpkin, glue, extra-fine white/clear glitter, white cardstock, hole punch,"boo" stamps by technique tuesday, black stamp pad, wonder tape, non-stick scissors, twine}


fran pascazio said...

So darn sweet....

Jeanette said...

Lori, Another super-cutified LV project! I thank you and my hips thank you too!
Hope your week is ghoulishly spectacular!!!

Unknown said...

So cute!! Thanks for doing this every Monday; it makes my week!! :)

Createology said...

BOO-tiful sugary pumpkin and ghosty tag. Nice to have non-caloric decor so we can eat the chocolate we love. Happy Halloween Bliss Dear...

Katia said...


Anonymous said...

So cute, Lori!!!!


Annette Allen said...

this set is so ADORABLE and totally love your pumpkin.. thanks for sharing..

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