Thursday, September 3, 2015

mini-doodle stamps

not too long ago, we brought home our sweet little two-month-old
mini-goldendoodle puppy, Gidget…..

and it's hard to believe, but this weekend 
we're celebrating her first birthday already!  woo hoo!

she is just as sweet as she can be, and some of her favorite pastimes are
playing, eating treats, playing, barking at nothing, carrying big sticks,
going outside so she can try to eat some mulch, playing, stealing socks….
and running in the field.  

she absolutely loves to run in the field.  she's a very normal puppy.
well….normal….until i mention that she also loves to go to the post office 
with me.  i know.  that's a little less normal, and kind of a long story. 
but, the other day i was thinking about how we've got a  
and inspiration struck! 

i was thinking how the post office likes to commemorate big events with
 a series of new stamps, and since Gidget's first birthday is a big event
{and me actually surviving the first year is an even bigger event!},
i've decided to create a series of illustrated faux-postage stamps 
for our mini-goldendoodle who loves to go to the post office!
so, the first thing i did was start sketching lots of different stamp shapes…..

 and then i created a template of the stamp sizes i liked the best
by placing a couple of strips of packaging tape 
over my drawings and cutting out the "middles".  then i trimmed the 
tape around the edges of the paper, and now it's nice and sturdy,
and the paper won't tear as i'm tracing around the inside to create my stamps.

the next step was to draw the "stamp" template shape onto my paper,
then i added some drawing and coloring…..
and here's our Gidget with her very own faux-postage stamp
to commemorate her big day!

and here's a sweet little "initial tag" for her to wear on her collar!

i have lots of fun ideas for more "mini-doodle stamps", 
now all i need is the time to create them…..
when there's a puppy around, finding creative time is the 
biggest challenge of all!  :))

{this faux micro-postage stamp is about 1/2" wide, and was created on
fabriano artistico 140 lb. HP paper using prismacolor verithin pencils,


Anonymous said...

She is too cute!! How do you hold yourself back from eating her up or squeezing her to pieces!!

Dolores said...

She sure is a cutie. Give her a big hug from me - all the way from Canada. Is ice cream on the menu?

Createology said...

Gidget is very sweet and she should have her very own stamp. You are a very good Gidget Mom Dear. One year already seems to have gone so quickly...

Linda said...

She is beautiful!!! Nice stamp, too! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Unknown said...

Your dog is lovely! And looks so happy!
My dog (german shepherd, 1,5year - can't believe that time goes by so fast!!) has also a weird thing.. but about my car. He love being in it, even if we aren't going anywhere! When the doors are open, he just hops at the back and sits.. for 15/20 minutes :P

Your stamps look great! I would love to see this heart in a stamp on your dog's leash! I'm sure it would look amazing :D

angela said...

Hi Lori! Happy Birthday Gidget! She is so cute! I'm happy the two of you found each other :) I can't believe it's been a year already. I love the stamps,too! You know I am a big fan of your work! The post office endorses 3 different online companies to custom design your own postage stamps (hint, hint)

Sandi Keene said...

Adorable! Both Gidget and the stamps!

Unknown said...

What a sweetheart. Love the stamps!

Joey said...

Oh she's just too cute for words. I love that you made her a commemorative stamp!
~ joey ~

Anonymous said...

I found on pinterest:"when in doubt, paint".
May I show it on my blog?
Herzlich Pippa

Jessie May said...

Happy first birthday to your adorable Gidget. I bet she is so spoilt for hugs! How cute is that, that she loves going to the post office - love your special Gidget stamp. Hope you're keeping well Lori xx

fran pascazio said...

Happy Belated Birthday Gidget and congratulations Lori, for surviving the first year…..what a sweet idea, Lori! I love your postage "stamps".

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