Thursday, January 21, 2016

winter comfort

happy new year!
 after experiencing one of the longest creative-dry-spells ever,
i welcome 2016 with my arms stretched up to the sky
and much joy in my voice!
 woo hoo!

but while i've been busy wrestling with a creative-dry-spell,
Mother Nature has been hard at work 
creating a super cold-spell….yikes!

so, me and my doodle-pencil have been hibernating….

and taking full advantage of all the comforts that winter brings!

{this is a work in progress, lots of blank spaces to be filled…stay tuned!}
supplies:  derwent watercolor and Inktense pencils, .3 mechanical pencil}


Judys Lace Creations said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next.LOVE your doggie.What a character! Love your sweet gentle style of drawing.

Janet D. said...

I can sympathize with the dry spell.:( Glad you are emerging from it, love your style!

Createology said...

Winter comforts and your sweet drawings make me happy. Love your Teensies dear. Thankfully your creative dry-spell is behind you now.

Cathy Michels said...

I was having a bad day and seeing your sweet artwork in my inbox was just what I needed. Your drawings have such a soft gentleness about them that I know your heart and spirit must be just as soft and special. I hope you never quit sharing because your drawings always touch a cord with me and brighten my day. I took your lettering and doodling classes last year and I get a lot of compliments on my lettering style now. I have been a calligrapher for many years, but now I have a little something different in my tool box to use for less formal applications. Thanks for being you and sharing you.

scrappallino said...

I am completely crazy about your style, it is good for my heart and my soul watch your drawings and your art, thanks for this. You inspire me a lot and I will train to be able one day to create something similar.
I follow your blog for some time, I would always leave comments but my bad English is holding me back and I have to thank Google translator.
I wish you a year full of creativity and a lot of serenity.

lillalotta said...

Oh me too!
I have not been blogging for quite a few years.
Life totally got in the way, but I have finally returned again.
It is so lovely to see you are back too ♥

Tammie Lee said...

such cute little sketches.

moongirl said...

Oh how lovely! I truly understand the creative funk that can happen. I too, had it over the holidays. I think the busy-ness of it all was a bit much for my brain. I love your paintings and they make me believe that I should be able to sit down and draw, write and paint anything! You writing is wonderful! So fun! Glad you got your groove back. Stay warm. It’s coooold out there!

Isabel said...

Precioso y muy dulce como todos sus trabajos. Besos y Feliz año nuevo!!

ColourFly said...

It is already a wonderful page! Love it!!!

Unknown said...

il tuo stile inconfondibile mi piace tantissimo: bravissima!

Pam Galloway said...

Your art is charming, both delicate and whimsical. Heartwarming, actually.

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