Thursday, February 18, 2016

giddy inner-grid-girl

the book "Local Color" by Mimi Robinson was recently featured
on my "Amazon recommends" list,  and i must admit that
the cover spoke to my inner-grid-girl so loudly
 that i was pressing the "purchase" button before i knew it!
 but the cover is just a sampling of what's to come inside, because
sprinkled amongst the pages are beautiful watercolor blocks
that Mimi uses in her art journal to celebrate and document her travels.

 after swooning over every page,
 i was really inspired to get in on the watercolor-grid-fun and
  i decided to focus on the trip my family and i took to Brussels a year ago.
this photo of my favorite hot chocolate was taken when
we first arrived in Belgium….after a long plane ride,
it tasted fantastic!  :))
 to help break down the colors in the photo easier,
i created this color palette using the eye dropper in Photoshop Elements.

{Mimi prefers to work from nature and 
does not mention creating a computer palette as part of her process,
but i found it helpful to get started!}

once i had my computerized palette,  i decided to get busy in my
art journal.  i printed my photo and palette, and then i started mixing
watercolor and i tried to match the colors as closely as possible.
the nice thing about this process is "getting close" is good enough….
whatever looks right to your eye is perfect!

once i had my watercolor palette mixed,  i painted blocks.
my inner-grid-girl was absolutely giddy…..

especially when i finished it with some lettering!

and while painting the watercolor blocks is great fun,
i couldn't wait to give my new palette a test-run
by creating some micro-doodles…..

and when inspiration strikes again,  i've got lots of room left on the page
for more micro-doodles and grid-girl block painting!
but for now,  i think it may be time for a cup of hot chocolate….. xox

you can find more photo/color palettes here on my pinterest board!

{supplies:   strathmore visual journal for mixed media 9"x12",
sennelier watercolor,  .3 mechanical pencil,  Photoshop Elements}

for more information about "Local Color" and a peek inside, click here


scrappallino said...

This is a wonderful inspiration to start my art journal .... I just have to find the courage to start! But now I have a great desire of hot chocolate with whipped cream!

Isabel said...

Muchas gracias por todas sus enseñanzas. Yo tomo muy buena nota de ellas. Kisses!!

Lola G. said...

Wow! I popped right on over to Amazon to have a look at this book. I've never developed real coloring skills, but I am drawn to watercolor. I have a set of the Zig Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Markers that I've used a bit. If you're familiar with them, I'd love to know if they're something I could use to work with the content of this book. Perhaps I'd need a different type of watercolor? This book looks so appealing, and I feel that I could learn a lot from it – when I'm not just swooning from the visuals!

I'd also need to figure out if it would be best to get a hard copy of the book, or if the digital format might be a nice option because of the portability...hmmm.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention — enjoy your own creative adventures with it!

Cathy Michels said...

Oh how fun! I must admit I am a little 'cookoo for Cocoa Puffs' over art supplies lately. :) How do you keep track of your mixtures and palette or does she explain that in the book? Of course, I just looked at one of these Strathmore Mixed media books at Hobby Lobby today because they are 40% off, but I put it back. Now I will have to go back tomorrow and pick one up. Thank you for sharing and I love your sweet little paintings!

lori vliegen said...

thank you SO much for your sweet words everyone!

Lola G…..i'm sorry, but i've never used the brush markers you mentioned, but they sound like fun! i think whatever media you're using that you can mix to create new colors in your photo would work. this book is all about using color to document your surroundings, and most of the content highlights her own pages/palettes from her travels. hope that helps to answer your question!

cathy michels…..i've found that using a plastic mixing palette works great when i'm creating new color palettes. they're really inexpensive, and you can let the paint dry when you're done and re-wet later when you want to use the colors again. i have several that are devoted to specific palettes. i also take notes when i'm mixing colors, so if i run out and want the same color, i can easily mix more without starting from scratch. here's a link to the small paint trays (i buy mine at hobby lobby!):

thanks again for stopping by my blog, everyone!! xox

Lola G. said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I forgot to mention that, enticing as the book seems to be, what you've brought to it enhances it tremendously! I'm a cardmaker with a decent eye and 'feel' for color, but I have only basic knowledge. I feel that I'd like to expand that knowledge base so that I can become more capable. It makes sense to me that a worthwhile approach is one that focuses on really looking at and seeing your immediate environment. I truly enjoy all the inspiration you provide here on this blog!

Urban Rustic said...

This is really interesting.Recently I have reduced my palette down to just the basic primary colours and have been mixing to make many more colours rather than just use straight from the tube/pan! So this is an interesting development leading from that....thanks for bringing it to our attention! I can see many more hours spent in mixing fun ahead.

SD pooja said...

Wow..Your lettering is just Superb !

Claire M said...

I had a strong reaction when I came across your post - I recognize that book because I have it. I think I picked it up in a book store and I was quite taken by the idea of figuring out the colors in a photo and comparing with color swatches. It is such a delightful little book. Then the excitement of seeing how you have taken the idea and applied it to your own image and created new artwork. Super exciting! I can't wait to try this myself. As always it is a delight to see your posts! <3

Cathy Michels said...

Thank you for the information, Lori! I will have to check those out on my next trip to Hobby Lobby (later today, perhaps). :) Hugs to you, Cathy

mama bleu said...

I'm a sucker for books like this and I would have clicked the purchase button just as fast! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and delightful doodles!

Createology said...

I love that you are "giddy with your inner grid girl" dear Lori. I am giddy just to see your amazing HeART. What a wonderful inspiration you found in this book. Now you are inspiring others with your sweet tiny micro-doodles. Embracing Creative Bliss...

Anonymous said...

Magnifique. J'aime beaucoup vos dessins.

Windkissed said...

I just LOVE your style!!! How you process your entire layout. It really is very inspiring!!! I look forward to experimenting with it! Great idea using Photoshop to get the colors!!!! Thanks for posting this one!!!

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