Monday, August 29, 2016


my blog has been a little silent lately,

but my pencil and watercolor brush have still been busy.

and while i wasn't looking,
i was bitten by the instagram bug!

to see more of my little illustrations,
please join me over at instagram here!

p.s.  i'm over at Facebook, too! 



Createology said...

I am so happy to follow you on Instagram. I do follow your FB. As long as I never miss your sweet drawings I shall be fine. Love everything you share! Hugs and Chocolate for YOU...

Michelle Gregory said...

i spend WAY too much time on insta. sigh. at least i'm not the only one who's been bitten.

Sarah Anderson said...

I've been just the same! It's so quick and easy to upload pics on, and it's taken over from Pinterest re looking at inspiring images! Off to hunt you down on Instagram :)

iHanna said...

Instagram is great, but oh good blogs still have my heart & will for a while still. I love text in combination with words. :)

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