Monday, October 3, 2016

inktober #3

inktober day number three.   prompt: "collection", how i struggled with this!
(and as i sit here staring at this photo, i see so much that needs work!)
i am waaaay far away from my comfort zone 
with this "ink only" rule, and it's painful.
yeah, i know, "no pain, no gain",  but
do you think anyone would notice if i picked up my mechanical pencil
and got out my watercolors.....just for a tiny second?  :))

the majority of artwork on this page was created with
my Pentel pocket brush pen, and the lines were softened a bit
with a waterbrush.  other details were added with a micron .005

see you tomorrow.....xox


Julia said...

Que bonita entrada. Felicidades por tu bloc, ha sido un regalo poder visitarlo.

Createology said...

Once you have done your ink drawing why can't you embellish it with your pencil and watercolors? No matter what I love your drawings and to me they look perfect. My the days of October are really going to go fast.

Unknown said...

i tuoi disegni sono sempre bellissimi! è un piacere passare a trovarti!

Kellianne said...

This is my FAVORITE ever!! My favorite thing to collect is seashells! I absolutely love what you did with the challenge!

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