Monday, February 20, 2017

four days of art bliss

last week i drove to donna downey studios in charlotte, north carolina
for a very long-awaited four day workshop.
i joined a room full of very sweet, talented and eager artists,
and our instructor was creativeGIRL danielle donaldson!

i will tell you right up front.....
it was four days of pure art bliss, danielle-style!
we started the weekend by drawing some fun art supplies....

and after danielle showed us how she paints her fabulous multi-color flowers
and her sweet little illustrations, it was our turn to dip our brush
in the watercolors and give it a try.

then danielle gave us a wonderfully detailed lesson in 
drawing one-point and two-point perspective objects.
this instruction was probably the most important (and the most difficult!)
of the entire weekend, as it's the foundation for all good drawing.
to be honest, drawing ellipses, determining vanishing points, 
and figuring out two-point-perspective boxes
 started to play with my head by the end of the day,
but i was so thankful to danielle for her willingness to dive in
and give us this essential instruction.  she taught it beautifully!

then danielle set up a still life that was as long as our work table....
it was fantastic, and i wish i could have spent another week there 
trying to capture it in my journal!

but for now i'm very happy to have these little objects 
as a reminder of a wonderfully creative workshop with one of my 
all-time favorite instructors!

many big hugs and heartfelt thanks to danielle for traveling
across the country to share her beautiful creativeGIRL-self with us.
i learned SO much,  i drew art that i didn't think i could draw,
and discovered new reasons why watercolor is so stinkin' cool.
(and i will forever smile when i think of her "grandpa story"!)

and thanks so much to donna and the group of talented art gals who were
also in the the classroom.....getting to know you and laughing with you
for four days did my creative spirit more good than i could ever say!
hope to see you again soon!


{supplies:  newsprint, .3 mechanical pencil, 
strathmore 400 series CP paper, daniel smith watercolor}


diane said...

Nicely done. Such talent!!!
diane @ thoughts&shots

Judys Lace Creations said...

Thanks for sharing yours and the other ladies' works! Isn't watercolour The Best!!

Jeanette said...

Wow, Lori!!!
Your work is stellar! It looks quite challenging and you put your amazing talents to create beautiful pieces!!
One day...I hope to take a class with Danielle too!
Squishy hugs and love!

Createology said...

I know we all can learn more and your four-day art workshop sounds like Artful Bliss. Love your pieces you share here. Waterolors are so soft and beautiful. I hope you took enough chocolate to last four days of intense art and fun. <3XO

505whimsygirl said...

Very cool! I've been to that area of North Carolina and it's beautiful! What a great class in a wonderful environment!!! Your sketches are absolutely adorable!!

Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I admire both you and Danielle and have though you both unique.

Tammie Lee said...

Your pieces are lovely. It is fun to hear a bit of what the class was like.
Sounds like something I would have loved to have done.

Margot said...

So nice, unfortunately it is not possible for me to follow a life course from Danielle. Which online course of her do you recommend?

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