Monday, September 29, 2008

house butterfly

walther and i went for a sunday drive yesterday, and ended up in a tiny town towards the west coast of florida.  i love the big city, but it's always refreshing to be in a place where white picket fences line the front yard and people make eye contact and give you a smile.  as we walked down the street, we came upon this house, and the metal butterfly hanging over the front door immediately caught my eye.  i can't remember ever seeing a butterfly ornament on a house, but it makes perfect sense to me.  a house is always being updated, changed, transformed.  and so is the family who lives in the house.  our family has endured a lot of change within the past several years, and i'm sure that's why this has made such an impression on me.  our new house begins construction next month...time for me to begin my search for a butterfly. (click on photo to enlarge)

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