Friday, December 19, 2008

gift card holder tutorial

here is a quick tutorial for the gift card holder that i made yesterday. this works well if you use cardstock or other heavyweight paper. first, cut a piece of cardstock 6-3/8" x 4-1/4".

lay your paper as shown above, with the 6-3/8" side running horizontal. score at 2-1/8" and 4-5/8".

fold at the score lines. using a bone folder helps to make nice crisp edges.

on the end that measures 2-1/8" from the scored line to edge of paper, use a circle punch to punch a semi-circle out of the short end of the paper. if you don't have a circle punch, you can also trace around a spool of thread or other object and then cut with scissors. place red-line tape or glue along each edge of the paper until it meets the scored line. at the other end of the paper, i used a corner rounder to finish off the corners; you can also use scissors to round the corners.

remove the protective backing from tape and fold paper up along the scored line, matching the side edges and making sure that the tape is secure.

fold the top flap down and your card is ready to decorate!

here are a couple of examples of card holders that have been finished...the sky is the limit here when it comes to decorating! these are super quick and super easy to make. have fun!


Flor Larios Art said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Pretty cards!
Happy holidays!

Martha Lever said...

This looks great Lori!!! I want to do it. Maybe little Zach and I will make it tomorrow. Good job!!! Bet that took a while!

Anonymous said...


I found you through Du-buh-du designs and just stopped by to say hello.

I like the way you've done this card tutorial. Thanks so much for posting it!

Stop by my corner of Blogland if you feel hungry - I've been baking up a storm.


noodle and lou said...

These are so crazy wonderful!!!
You are amazing Lori...
I would love the envelope even more than the gift card:):)

MERRY Christmas to you and your sweet family!!! xox..jenn

BEN AND JACI said...

I love this, you are very creative! Julie King had some similar cute ideas, the two of you will make for a great resource this holiday season. She had the entire office making homemade Christmas paper on Friday!

Waseem said...

great tutorial..i want to do it..thanks you share it as i have to do same with Gift Card envelopes.

Debbie Eckmier said...

Thanks for this tutorial Lori - even though it's older, it's much appreciated - especially since Christmas is coming !!! :-)

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