Monday, December 15, 2008

inspiration monday

i must admit that every time i look at this illustration by mary engelbreit, i find myself chuckling.  there's something about that cat doing a swan-dive into the meticulously decorated Christmas tree that seems to perfectly depict life at this time of year.   and, if you're familiar with mary engelbreit's work (and you probably are), then you already know that illustrating our every day lives in a way that makes us smile is what she does best.   she creates from her heart...and has a unique talent of speaking to ours.  through her whimsical style, she states the obvious, and she's able to make cherries, checkerboards and art deco flowers fun.   
not only am i inspired by mary engelbreit's artwork, but her bi-monthly publication Home Companion is also a constant source of inspiration.  her magazine is filled with wonderful decorating ideas, craft projects, and i especially like the "artist workshop".   you can take a peek inside by visiting her site here!  click on the image for a larger view


Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

Love, love, LOVE that ME print! Completely makes me laugh out loud :)

Isn't Home Companion the best? I just love the 'feel' of the whole publication...makes me all warm and fuzzy just gazing at the gorgeous eye-candy!

Teresa aka Tess said...

Oh this is so funny, your posting that particular image. It took us two tries to put up our Christmas tree Sunday. And we have one very scared cat now as we think she either caused the second tumble over or it fell on or near her. (She is just fine). We finally figured out the trunk of the tree is bent enough to cause it to lean somewhat. SO it is now leaning towards the wall. Hasn't fallen again yet! (Knock on wood :-)

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