Thursday, March 22, 2012

hello spring

"when the groundhog casts his shadow
and the small birds sing
and the pussywillows happen
and the sun shines warm
and when the peepers peep
then it is spring"
margaret wise brown

{hope you have a beautiful springtime weekend!  :))}


Jeanette said...

Lori! How lovely - your photo and the quote! Hope your Spring is glorious and filled with creative inspiration. And, lots of chocolate...Have a daffodowndilly wonderful weekend! xoox, Jeanette

Sandi said...

Lori, love the quote and that is one beautiful bunch of hydrangias. Hugs

Createology said...

Lovely Hydrangeas. I planted some last year but they are struggling to Spring forth with our weather. Wonderful quote. Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend and the yummiest chocolate ever...

Claire M said...

I was just thinking that I need to post something for 'spring'. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe I'll post a spring image tonight.

Eulalia said...

Hi Lori, my dear friend.
I'd like the spring in my brain!
I'm like a flat tyre in this moment... "seasonal effect"!!!!
My English is more and more colourful!
Have a wonderful and "sweet-smelling " weekend.
xoxoxo Eulalia

Dolores said...

Our weather is more like summer lately. It seems we skipped over winter and now we are skipping over spring. I hope the temperatures drop a bit - it makes for better walking weather.

Judy Hartman said...

i always loved Margaret Wise Brown's books when my daughter was small. Beautiful photo.
Your blog is fantastic!

wv said...

whole foods
has the best

i know the
best photgrapher


wv said...

i mean photographer

Jane said...

Thank you Lori! What a gorgeous picture!

Mary said...

spring yes, but please not summer weather yet!!!

crazy weather in these here parts!!

love that little poem!

love you Lori!!

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

I am a blue hydrangea lover. This makes me very happy...! I posted pussywillows, too, this week. Gotta love the spring beauties...!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh I remember those lines,
that poetry
and the hydrangea
sings it all
so well:)
happy Spring to you
(so glad I wandered over)

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