Thursday, May 23, 2013

paint flowers

"I perhaps owe having become a painter
to flowers."

Claude Monet

{here's to a weekend filled with lots of time to paint flowers!! enjoy!}


Anonymous said...

such beautiful blossoms and a quote so true,

ellie said...

yesterday afternoon, i was talking to my husband when i glanced out the window and saw a beautiful rainbow.

i ran outside to better see it. it was almost shimmering and it just kept intensifying. it was stunning. as i stood there, admiring it and grabbing a few photos that i knew wouldn't at all capture the vibrancy, a second faint rainbow appeared, as if the first rainbow soaked up as much color as it could and when it was super saturated, the rest of the color spilled out. neighbors gathered in the street, milling around the way they might after a bad storm. first, they came wwithout their cameras and then went running back for them.

the moment was so perfect. nature always has a way of either stopping us in our tracks so that we take notice or just hangs there quietly, being all beautiful and awesome, just in case we happen to notice it.

so. very. cool.

happy long weekend, lori!

wv said...

color my world: you are!


Createology said...

The flowers this year seem to be extra bright and cheery...maybe because they shine over all the tragedy happening. Love this Monet quote. Wonderful and Safe Holiday Weekend With Chocolate Dear...

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