Monday, March 31, 2014

inspiration monday

as much as i love playing in my art journal, sometimes i get the itch to do something completely different.  i've had my eye on elke bergeron's "leather clutch" workshop over at creativebug for quite a while, so i decided this was the perfect time to learn something new!

while elke's class doesn't include this step,  you probably know i don't do too many projects unless it includes letterforms, and i couldn't resist using my set of hand-carved stamps for this little clutch!  so i put a piece of washi tape across the front of my leather to use as a guide, and then i placed an acrylic ruler under the top to provide a firm surface for stamping.

i used a white pigment stamp pad that i had on hand,
and then i heat set the ink with my heat gun.

then i rounded the corners,  punched some holes along the side,
and stitched it up with some linen thread.

for my closure, i decided to add a snap….

and now i have a really cool leather pouch….and it was super simple to make!

the only two things i would do differently next time:
first, to make the stamping more permanent, i think i'll try using acrylic paint...

and secondly,  i'll pay more attention to the mantra
"measure twice, cut once" before i start my next project!
my plan was to store my inktense pencils in here, but when
i finished the pouch and tried to put them inside, they were too long!!
so now i have a leather clutch that's perfect for my glasses and micron pens,
but it's marked "pencils" on the front!  aaack!

for more information about elke bergeron's creativebug class, click here
to watch a tutorial for setting snaps, click here

{supplies:  leather piece from hobby lobby, leather punch, hammer, 
hand-carved letter stamps, white ink pad, linen thread, needle, snap set tool, snaps}


Dymphie said...

your measuring secret made me think of Jeff Peacheys woodcut ;)
Love the hand carved letters on the cute clutch!

wv said...

1. take all your pencils 9hb to 9H
2. cut them all in precise halves
3. sharpen all ends
4. you have doubled your number of pencils
5. they should all fit


lori vliegen said...

hahaha…..that's awesome, dymphie! there's nothing like good measuring humor!! :))

and wv….thank you for once again giving me the best solution. you're my sweet dutch hero. xox

Unknown said...

FABULOUS idea! im giving it a whorl today!

Margaret said...

Great clutch. Love hubby's solution but get him to do the cutting lol

Margaret xx

Createology said...

I love how you stepped out of your comfort zone and stitched up this lovely leather pencil case. Your pencils will fit as soon as you draw some more and need to sharpen them...they will get shorter and fit. Oh now I see your Sweet Dutch Sweeties idea...very clever indeed! Chocolate Hugs Dear...

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Sweetie! Your clutch turned out so cute! It's perfect for your little pencils...and pens and specs too! xoxo :)

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