Monday, March 9, 2015

inspiration on monday…..dragonfly

one of my favorite things to do 
is just swipe some watercolor across the paper
and see what it turns into.

but i've discovered my challenge is in leaving the watercolor "as is",
and i usually end up reaching for my favorite micron pens and graphite pencils,
because, well, i seem to have a hard time letting 
the watercolor just be what it wants to be.
so, this time i decided to just add little lines and the tiniest bit of micron…..

but let's face it,
 there are times when more lines = more better,
and this is one of those times!

today i'm giving myself permission to stay in my micron-comfort-zone,
because sometimes you just need to do that for yourself on a monday.

{fluid 140 lb. CP paper, winsor & newton watercolor, 
micron pens, 6B graphite pencil}


CC said...

Lori! I know exactly how you feel! Some say we should not use pencil at all and just go straight to pen...or just do watercolor! I say follow your heart! You express yourself the best that way!

Anonymous said...

Lori - I don't care WHAT mediums you use, I ALWAYS love your neat watercolor paintings! I especially like your leftover rubber scraps from carving & how you use them as stamps! You're unique.

I've saved everything you've ever sent me when I ordered rubber stamps from you.
Thanx for sharing,
Grandma Nancy from central IL

CutOuts said...

I'm with you Lori - micron pens & watercolors go together like, well, they just go together. I've been a fan of the combination ever since my first Joan Walsh Anglund book but I've also thought it goes back to my earliest roots - coloring books :-)

Kimberly Kett said...


Createology said...

My pens, pencils, paper and watercolors do not ever make such fabulous art like yours do. You truly have the "Micron" touch my dear!

Sandi Keene said...

I love your dragon-fly. Why is stopping sometimes even harder than starting?? I have the same issue.

Unknown said...

More lines definitely equals more yummy in this case! I love it!

Joey said...

Your watercolour dragonfly is wonderful! The lines give it a whimsical look which go so well with dragonflies!
~ joey ~


Me encanta esta acuarela, ¡es fantástica!

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