Saturday, March 5, 2016

griddy-girl palette number2

i took this photo a year ago when our family took a trip
to visit my little dutch sweetie's hometown in the Netherlands…..

and the memory of that fun day at the market
lives on in my heart,
as well as in my art journal!

{note:  the original color palette includes a dark green, but when i printed
the palette out, it looks like my computer saw it as a green/charcoal.
i created this page based on my printed version, rather than the
palette as shown on the computer, because i hadn't noticed the 
difference until just now!  as it turns out, the photo actually contains this
green/charcoal color, so i'm going to think of it as a "happy accident",
but next time i print a color palette, i'll check for accuracy.  :)) }

{supplies:   strathmore visual journal for mixed media 9"x12",
sennelier watercolor,  .3 mechanical pencil,  Photoshop Elements}

{read my post featuring my first palette here,
and you can find more color palettes here on my pinterest board!}


Createology said...

Gorgeous flowers and beautiful Spring colors. It is easy to see how you are having fun playing in your art journal and enjoying the beauty of your fabulous trip. You adorable "giddy-girl" deserve some chocolate and a big hug! Embracing Creative Bliss...

dokaem said...

I like your journal! And colors are beautiful!

Alice said...

this is cool, lori, thanks for sharing your color chart with us. i'd love to get my hands on one of your art journals so i could just sit and drool over it. haha!

heidi said...

beautiful dutch flowers, I treat myself weekly to a bunch of those pretty colors...! But that may be a very common thing for dutch girls like myself. Living in Holland means flowers, wooden shoes and windmills for foreigners, but we see the beauty in it too. And the beauty in your work Elvie, you inspired me to make little drawings too, and I enjoy it so much, thank you for all the good vibes!

Urban Rustic said...

Another interesting colour grid.Following your previous post I ordered myself a copy of the book and have been having some fun making colour grids too.I found that it is quite difficult to match the colours but that is perhaps no bad thing because it has made me look in greater depth at what is before me.

pearshapedcrafting said...

This really is beautiful! Great 'happy accident'! Chrisx

Pamela said...

Lori - I LOVE this! I would enjoy so much sitting with you one day (soon, I hope) and you showing me how you did this. The color pallet really is interesting! Love and miss you, my friend! ~Pamela

Sandi Keene said...

I love this series you are doing with the color palettes! So inspiring!

Vicke said...

Love the color palettes! I may have to try making my own.

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