Tuesday, July 29, 2008

book day at donna's

last week martha and i drove over to our favorite stamp shop, a small cleverness, and donna showed us how to make this great book. for the pages, we used gridded 3x5 index cards folded in half. we sewed each signature together using the pamphlet stitch (there are 12 signatures total) and then glued the signatures together to create our book block. the spine was finished by weaving narrow strips of calico cotton fabric through our stitches; the middle piece of fabric was kept long enough to also become the tie closure. we added a glass bead to each thread. the covers are made from black mat board, and the image on the front cover is a stamp that donna provided. this was a really fun project and took about two hours to complete. i really love the end result...thanks donna!


Anonymous said...

on the occasion of tante nelly's birthday, the entire portofino community is looking forward to the posting on this fine blog of the spectacular oeuvre you made for her 85th birthday.

just wondering, what would a blt be without mayonaise? i like mayonaise so much in a blt that i believe strongly it is incompletely abbreviated, agree?

Martha Lever said...

You finished it! And you colored her in so nicely! See ya Friday with paper and pad in hand!

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