Saturday, July 12, 2008

saddle oxford

you're probably getting tired of seeing shoes, but i couldn't leave my footwear series without including the simple, fabulous, classic saddle oxford. my challenge here was that i no longer own saddle oxfords, so i had to rely on a photo that i found online. to me, this drawing looks flatter, and maybe lacking a little "spark", probably because i wasn't able to see the actual shoe, only an image of one.  this turned out to be a great experiment...i didn't realize that drawing from a photo would make such a difference in the final outcome. perhaps i should go out and purchase a pair of saddle oxfords, draw them,  and then compare the two drawings.....just kidding, walther!


Martha Lever said...

Love it---it's really great, Lori. So proud of you and you are getting good girl!!!!!

Hey, check out the birdhouse on my blog---and no, little Zachry didn't paint it!

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty shoe and a left shoe this time, wow!

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