Tuesday, July 22, 2008

scanner 101

firstly, an enormous hug and thank you to my fabulous husband, walther, who surprised me with a new scanner for my birthday!! while i still consider myself fairly electronically challenged, i would have never dreamed that i could be so excited about a scanner! there is nothing more disappointing than to spend a lot of time on a piece of art, and then not have a true image of it.
this image shows a scan of a drawing that i did in black ink (remember my josef siebel shoes?). the "before" image was scanned on my previous scanner...the HP C3180 all-in-one. the "after" image was scanned on my wonderful new scanner...the HP Scanjet G4010. the difference is amazing...the "after" image is a true representation of my drawing and i couldn't be more thrilled! the all-in-one scanner is a great scanner for documents and other basic scanning. but, if you're looking for a scanner that will give your artwork and photographs true color accuracy and high quality images, the G4010 gets my vote!
(for better comparison, click on the image)

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Anonymous said...

the 072059 lori gets my vote!

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