Tuesday, December 30, 2008

inspiration monday

i received the most beautiful gift this year...a silkscreened card made by my friend judith!   i met judith many years ago at a calligraphy workshop and immediately became aware of her awesome talent.  her letterforms are exquisite and her many years of graphics experience are apparent in every one of her fabulous designs.  
this year was the fiftieth year that judith has been designing and handscreening her cards.   each one is a gift of herself as an artist...and a gift of her time (i can't imagine how many hours must go into each one of these!).   each card is a piece of original artwork, and an absolute treasure.  thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gifts with us, judith!    click on image for a better view...and sorry...it's tuesday and i'm just now getting around to inspiration monday!  :)


julie king said...

it is an exquisite card, lori! judith is very talented. i'd love to lear the art of silk screen printing on paper some day.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely treat! I studied printmaking in college (my major), and did some silkscreening, but never really developed a love for it. I do, however, appreciate it when others do it, and do it well, to boot!

Are you going to frame it?

Happy New Year,


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Lori! What a lovely card! It's always nice to get gifts from artists you admire. Happy New Year!

Thanks for your sweet comments!


Teresa aka Tess said...

It is quite lovely and even more cherished is the gift of herself I am sure. Wonderful, Happy New Year,

Martha Lever said...

I sent this to Judith. She was very touched. It's so beautiful.

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