Monday, January 5, 2009

inspiration monday

 every year around this time i come to grips with the fact that i have once again managed to create a fifth food group, consisting primarily of sugar, corn syrup, brownies, cupcakes, cookies....and chocolate.  and every year around this time i come to grips with the fact that my newly created food groups have newly created about ten pounds on my body.
this year, one of my words-to-live-by is balance.  and to live a balanced life, i really should have a balanced diet.  in the past, i've made the mistake of trying to completely remove my beloved fifth food group from my life...and i must admit, i've failed.  so this year instead of focusing on what i "can eat" and "can't eat",  i'm going to just try to eat healthy....and find that perfect ratio between carrots and chocolate!


Anonymous said...

Amen, Sister!

Have you ever tried the South Beach Diet? The first 2 weeks call for complete elimination of those bad foods (hard to do but worth it). Then after those two weeks you start to add some back in. It really works! After those first weeks, I didn't really have a taste for sugar anymore.

Unfortunately, I gained it (and those pesky pounds) back again. :(

Good luck with finding your balance. When you do - tell me how you did it!


nichole said...

Here, here! I am well acquainted with that food group and have slipped into the habit of adding a fifth: butter.

Must find balance as well. But it's hard to shake the momentum of holiday indulgence!

Martha Lever said...

I actually had that fifth group for supper tonight. :)

Teresa aka Tess said...

I'd gladly share some of your fifth group if you care tosend it my way. Actually I found drinking orange, passion fruit and jasmine flavored green tea has helped me somewhat with that delicate balance and shed a few pounds at the same time. I don't know why it just is working for me. I am sure any green tea would work, I just like the taste of my green tea of choice. It's lipton. What was this post about again? LOL

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