Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tag, i'm it...

my sweet blogger buddies michelle and thelma tagged me a while ago, and i'm embarrassed to admit that i'm just now following through!  please forgive me, michelle and thelma, for being such a lousy tag player!  and, so i don't delay the game any further,  here are the six random things about me:

1.  i'm an air force brat (my dad is a retired pilot).  we moved so often when i was a kid, that i completed second grade in three different schools, in three different states (and there were many more moves to follow!). 

2.  i would LOVE to live in italy or france.

3.  i hate to fly...okay, it's actually a fear of mine, which makes #2 an interesting challenge!

4.  i love an interesting challenge.

5.  i have been honored to have artwork on display at the Postal Museum at the Smithsonian Institute...twice! 

6.  i am a fairly private person and i sometimes find blogging difficult because you really have to "put yourself out there".  but, through this blog i have grown, and i have you to thank for that!  i would never be able to describe what your support, words of wisdom, and encouragement through your loving comments have meant to me these past months.  thank you, friends!  :)

please visit michelle's blog (she makes wonderful handmade cards!), and then stop by thelma's blog and say hello (she paints the cutest little divas and fridas!).


T.Allen said...

No. 6 is intriguing because I too am very private EXCEPT on my blog. Somehow the safe distance allows me to express myself with an ease and honesty that real world situations don't allow.

Thanks for sharing, and I'll certainly check out the ladies who tagged you!

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

Lori, you are TOO SWEET! And I went to check out Thelma's blog and her etsy shop...WOW. You attract some mighty talented people, my dear! Thanks for the inspiration!

Valerie said...

i love your blog...My owner is creating me one and it is going to be so fun..If you have a fluffy friend I would love to let it visit my page...Just e-mail me a pik !

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