Tuesday, May 5, 2009

latte art


i'm not a coffee drinker, but seeing how creative one can be with a little milk foam (and a little chocolate sauce!) makes it awfully tempting to start a new latte habit!  enjoy!


Anonymous said...

almost too pretty to drink.
i said ALMOST ;)

happy tuesday, sweets!

shiborigirl said...

I love watching really talented baristas do their thing. Why shouldn't our food be gorgeous?

Need to go make some coffee now... :)



Lauren Maurer said...

mmmmm..... i wonder what they can do with earl grey??

presious said...

I just placed an entry on my blog about giving up my coffee habit once and for all!...lol! I really like coffee. Not one who drinks it every day, but I really do like it. It seems to not agree with me. Seems to alter my mood in a sad way, very down.

I've switched back to tea. :)

PrairiePeasant said...

Wow! Maybe that could be done on hot chocolate? I'd go for that!

Veronica said...

Art is everywhere!

Jancalligrapher said...

Hi, that little video was so cute! Did you ever take a class in paper marbling? The coffee swirls reminded me of that. I wanted to print it!

Have a happy Day!

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