Monday, October 14, 2013

inspiration monday

  one of my favorite places to find inspiration is in my craft stash.....and there's nothing more fun than to revisit a past project i'm absolutely batty over, and change it up a bit!
here's a fang-tastic way to give these playful little alpha-bats a make-over: 

for each bat, you'll need a 2.5" papier mache egg found in the craft store, some acrylic craft paint,  this bat template from martha stewart ,  cardstock, paint pens or markers, and craft wire.

give each egg a coat of black acrylic paint.
you can also add some color by dry-brushing more acrylic paint over the dried black paint.

once the paint has dried, add a goofy little bat-face using paint markers.
(i've used permapaque markers)

create little bat-legs and feet by cutting a small piece of craft wire and twist one end into a circle using some round-nose pliers.  punch small holes in the bottom of the bat-body using an awl and tuck the other end of the wire in the opening.  secure wire by adding a drop of glue, diamond glaze, or other dimensional adhesive at the opening of the hole.

cut out the bat template and trace onto construction paper, card stock, or patterned paper.
then cut out the bat-wings.

(to create my original alpha-bats, i used black card stock and lettered on the wings using various pens and markers.  for this updated project, i've photocopied my original alpha-bats and cut out the wings.)  

now fold back a small tab at the inside edge of the bat-wing and glue it to the bat-body......

and let your finished boo-crew hang out in your studio.....

or let them loose and see where they end up!!
(i found my silly little bat-buddies lurking in my front door wreath!)

you can read about my original alpha-bats here!

{this project went from spook to spooktacular using these supplies: 
photocopies of alpha-bats , acrylic craft paint, permapaque markers, black craft wire, 
2.5" papier mache eggs, diamond glaze, tombow mono multi glue, martha stewart template}


ellie said...

wicked clever!

Elaine A said...

ADORABLE! Love them! Thanks for sharing with us.

Elaine Allen

Isabel said...

A great fun Bats. They give no fear! hahaha. Kisses.

Katia said...

I love them, there are super fun!

Createology said...

You my friend are BAT-rific! These are uber clever and with your lettering very unique. Happy Haunting Dear...

Kathleen Jones said...

Simply BOO-tiful!!!

angela said...

They are so cute!

Las tres hermanas said...

They are cute.

Erica said...

There are two types of creative people - those who can do projects once they see them done (me) and those who come up with the most clever, creative ideas all on their own (that would be you)!

Love these bats! So cute!

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