Monday, November 3, 2008

inspiration monday

a while back, i discovered  "jellybeans", a fabulous, colorful etsy shop, created by artist angie vandenbogaard.  when i first came upon angie's artwork, i found myself staring at it...for a long time.  i really admire anyone who can take a simple subject, such as an apple tree, and put a completely different spin on it.  and, she does it so wonderfully.  i'm so inspired by angie's intuitive nature and brilliant use of color.  and what makes it so successful is her incredible talent for balancing it all!  
they say that our attitude is revealed in our artwork.  in her own words, angie proves this to be true:  "I like to think that I live a very positive life and i feel that it reflects in my work.  I believe that not everything necessarily has to be so complicated and overworked all the time - that simplicity with a dash of color can be beautiful and refreshing."  
angie, i couldn't agree with you more...and you truly inspire me! thanks so much for sharing your beautiful artwork with us!
you can find many other items of inspiration here at angie's etsy shop, jellybeans.  and please visit her artsy blog here

1 comment:

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

Wow...her shop and artwork is STUNNING! Thanks for the heads-up! ;)

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