Monday, November 24, 2008

inspiration monday

sometimes i go to the bookstore with a purpose, but mostly i love to go and just wander around and wait for inspiration to strike.  during my last trip, it didn't take long for the vibrant red cover of stampington and co.'s quarterly publication,  artful blogging,  to grab my attention.  i really couldn't resist opening the front cover to see what was inside!

once inside the covers, i was introduced to over twenty blogs created  by artists just like you and me.   they're all creative in their own way, and each one has stories of success, struggle and self-discovery...and are willing to share them with us.  and that's where the connection is made.  i continue to be inspired through the art journeys of others.  
filled with gorgeous photography and beautifully written "partial posts" contributed by each blog creator, artful blogging remains a constant source of inspiration to me.  each time i open it, i find something new...whether it's sewing, mixed-media collage, or hunting for the perfect flea market all appeals to me.   if you already own a copy, i'd love to hear how it's inspired you.  i'm also curious to know...have you plastered post-it flags all over your copy too?!
to learn more about artful blogging, click here

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