Thursday, November 13, 2008

leather book: after

here is the "after" shot of my finished leather book!  i've always wanted to make one, and i'm so glad that i finally did...i really love it!  
this book began as a kit that i ordered from volcano arts (see yesterday's post).  it came with the leather, paper for the inside, waxed linen thread, a small button, and instructions.  as you can see, i made a few changes.  first, i cut a curve on the outside flap to add more interest...i liked the idea of it "hugging" the fabulous vintage coat button that i wanted to use for the closure (replacing the button from the kit was the second change).  i also used a small silver spiral charm to finish off the closure cord.

the last change:  i wrapped some beautiful handmade paper around each signature before i bound the book.  it was the perfect finishing touch to the inside!  


noodle and lou said...

Hi Lori!
You MADE this!? you amaze me. What a cool kit! It's beautiful:)

Thank you for your well wishes so very much. I really appreciate you Lori:):):):) xoxox...jenn

Martha Lever said...

Love it, Lori!

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