Saturday, November 1, 2008 two more

i've been working for the past few days on completing a set of books that will be given to four very hard-working ladies.  these women are members of a development whose clubhouse has been undergoing a major renovation during the past eleven months.  they have played an integral part in the decorating end of this enormous project, and as a token of the membership's appreciation, these books will be offered to them as a thank you for all of their many hours of volunteer work.

the emblem on the front is an actual piece of the upholstery fabric that was used in the clubhouse.  because the fabric has such a strong pattern, i kept the rest of the book simple, while using high quality bookcloth for the covers and italian velata paper for the pages.  actually, creating the frame for the fabric was the most time-consuming part of this whole process...the fabric is very thick and frayed around the edges like crazy, so i had my work cut out for me!  but, i'm really happy with the results...and i hope that the recipients are too!


Martha Lever said...


Good for you, LORI!!!! YAY!!
Chauncey laughted about our Etsy "spreading".

Anonymous said...

simply stunning

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