Tuesday, November 11, 2008

online journal class - week two

i've just finished my second project for sue bleiweiss' online journal class.  this is a fabric book with pockets on the inside, making it a perfect "take along" journal.  i've decided to use this journal as a watercolor sketchbook, so it's filled with watercolor paper, and i've added several divider pages to give it some interest.   my watercolor pencils and waterbrush fit perfectly in the pockets inside.  and...it's all held together with binder rings, so i can always add more paper or remove finished projects!  fun, fun project...i can't wait for next week's assignment!
here's a peek inside my journal...i'm so excited that i was able to figure out how to use this slide feature!!  :)


Martha Lever said...

This journal is darling--and you learned to do the slide thing--very cool! See ya tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

you learned the slide
you learned the electric slide

wow wowi

spencer said...

this is very cool!!

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