Thursday, October 30, 2008

book report

yesterday, i found myself in one of those "creative slumps".  when that happens, this book by sara midda is one of my go-to standby's...i find this book to be a masterpiece in creativity and imagination.  every time i look through this book, i notice something new.  "In and Out of the Garden" took sara three years to complete, and that in itself is a lesson to me in pure determination and dedication.  here is sara's own description of her book: "This book is a potpourri of garden lore.  Here are summer days of raspberry picking, swarms of bees laden with pollen, peas ripe for podding, herbs for flavouring.  Every page, including the text, has been hand painted.  Dip into it for recipes, poems, proverbs and garden thoughts."  you can take a peek into this book here...enjoy!
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