Tuesday, October 28, 2008

thanks michelle!

i was so excited to discover that elvie studio was mentioned on cute little michelle's blog, "so much time, so little to do..."!  this has really made my day!  i've met so many wonderful people through my blog and etsy, and i'm so thankful for all of you who check in with me!  you can visit michelle at her blog here...she is recovering from gall bladder surgery and has shared some wonderful get well cards that her friends and family have made for her.  she also has some sweet artwork that her children have created!  and i especially love this fun pumpkin card that she made using rubber stamps and other fun stuff!  thanks again, michelle!

1 comment:

Martha Lever said...

How wonderful to get a mention on another blog!!! Affirmation!!!!!!!! Yay!! Keep it up, Lori, you are just "undiscovered cuteness" !!! :)

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