Tuesday, October 7, 2008

dragonfly book

i have two small boxes that are filled with handmade books that i've made over the past few years.  most of these books are models...books that i've made while just experimenting with new stitching techniques, or books that are the end result of a workshop that i've attended.  such is the case with the book that's pictured above.  i was able to take a workshop that was offered at our local rubber stamp convention several years ago, and this was our project.  the covers are made from black polymer clay that have been dry stamped and then baked.  once cool, simply dry brush acrylic paints on top of the clay and your design magically appears.  for this book, we used metallic paints, mostly bronze.  we used lightweight black paper for the pages and then whipstitched it up the sides with various different threads, yarn and beads.  this is a small book, measuring only 1.5" x 2".  i'm glad that i came across this little book...at one time i had intended to make more of these, and then, of course, became side-tracked with something else.  oh, too many things yet to discover!


Martha Lever said...

WOW--very cool! You should make more of these!! Love it!

Luvcreatincards said...

Ohhhh Lori,
What a delightful book, it's sooo little, it looks perfect to give to a little elf or pixie. You have given me an idea for making a weeny book like this to keep 'inchies' in. Not that I've made any inchies' yet LOL, there are sooo many things on my 'would like to do' list but I'll add this book idea along side the inchies, so I see the two together, as and when I get to them on my list.
I'm having such a lovely time peeking and enjoying seeing all of your goodies on the older posts on you blog. I thought if I start at the beginning and work my way forward I won't miss anything.

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