Wednesday, October 1, 2008

collage attempt

yesterday, i went to martha's wonderful little playhouse/studio, and she showed me how to do this collage technique that's outlined in kelly rae roberts' book, "Taking Flight".  if you haven't yet seen it, i highly recommend this's filled with techniques and permissions to be the artist that you've been created to be.  i am very "collage challenged", and this was difficult for me, mainly because with this technique, success comes with trusting your intuition and not over-thinking each decision that you're making.  uh, okay....this type of work process doesn't fall anywhere within the four walls of the box that i'm happy to remain.  but, martha is a great teacher, and before i knew it, i had several layers of paper, matte medium and paint laid down on a piece of canvas board.  and just to inject a little of "me" into it, i outlined the house with a very thick line of black watercolor crayon. must...have...structure!  click on photo to enlarge
p.s. make sure to go to martha's site to see her fabulous collage!!

1 comment:

Martha Lever said...

It's wonderful!!! Thanks for the link to my blog!! :D

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