Wednesday, October 29, 2008

project: empty basket

i love to shop for art supplies.  i could easily spend hours in one store just looking at everything.  there's so much to see!  once i reach that point of "overload", i know that it's time to head to the check-out counter.
the only problem with buying the supplies, is that i don't always use the supplies as quickly as i should.  so...i have baskets that are overflowing with goodies that are anxiously waiting to be put towards a fun project.  
so, i'm bound and determined to empty that basket of supplies, and here's my first project: a simple book using two pieces of chipboard covered with scrapbook paper, a flower embellishment for the front, rub ons, and ribbon to hold it together.  the pages inside are also a piece of scrapbook paper that have been cut into individual pages.  this paper is made by fancy pants, and is double sided so it's perfect for bookmaking.  you can find it here at two peas in a bucket.  but try not to buy too much because your supply baskets might start looking like mine!


Martha Lever said...

OMGOSH!!!! Precious, Lori!!!

"Undiscovered talent..."

Ann said...

Oh, I love this! Such a great gift or to keep for yourself.

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