Monday, October 13, 2008

monday inspiration

one of the easiest ways to become inspired is to visit etsy.  before you know it, you'll have your own favorites list started.  this pendant created by jean skipper,  has been on my favorites list for quite some time. it's simple and it speaks to me.  i'm inspired by this because many times i feel like i'm a wanderer, especially in my studio, but that doesn't mean that i've lost my way.  i'm actually quite happy exploring new artistic avenues, trying to see just how many things can i do with paper (and fabric, and paint, and so on).  it's all a journey...and as long as i've got enough chocolate bars in my backpack, i'll be out looking for new trails for quite a while!
(you can find jean's shop and more great inspirations here!)


Martha Lever said...

I agree!! It all a journey --a "wander-ful" journey!

Anonymous said...

not all who were lost
were wandering

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