Friday, October 10, 2008

field trip

martha and i took a "field trip" the other day (i say field trip because it took me out of my studio, and we went to a place that takes me an hour to drive to!).  we went to see our friend donna, who owns a very sweet rubber stamp shop called a small cleverness, very appropriately named because it's very small, but filled to the rim with clever ideas and inspiration.  and while donna provides a wonderful selection of books, stamps, tools and paper, she's especially generous in offering her ideas and inspiration.  this is a photo of our "make and take"...a fun little card that uses an "inchie" as its centerpiece.  an inchie is a piece of artwork that's done on a one inch square, and i've been hesitant to start making them only because i have so many other interests. but because i love working on a small scale, i knew that i would love inchies, and i finally caved and made one.  and i was right...i loved making it!  now i just have to figure out how to incorporate them into my books, lettering, drawing, painting...good grief, the list goes on.  

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Anonymous said...

in europe it would a-centimeter-and-a-halfie

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